G Suite

Q1 - What is G Suit for Education?

G Suite for Education is a partnership between Google and Shiv Nadar University that allows content to be stored within the G Suite for Education cloud and is considered to be a part of Shiv Nadar University‘s intellectual property, as well as the intellectual property of the original owner, who may distribute the content as they see fit.

G Suite for Education can be accessed from any web browser but  may be more stable and efficient when accessed through Google Chrome. Chrome Browser is a free download for any operating system.

Q2 - How Do I get G Suite Apps

G Suit Apps are free for all SNU Employee & Student.  

Step 1: Please visit email.snu.edu.in and login with your SNU Email id and Password.

Step 2: Please click on Google Apps (top right corner)

Step 3: You can use any of the application by clicking on the icon.

You can contact the IT Helpdesk for any help related to G Suit Apps

Q3 - What is included in G Suite for Education?

  • Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides provide a platform to collaboratively utilize a word processing platform, spreadsheet tools, and presentation tools.
  • Google Mail provides email accounts for student and faculty.  
  • Google Calendar lets students and faculty create and share University or class calendars and events.
  • Google Drive lets students and faculty upload, create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms.
  • Google Hangouts Meet enables collaboration through audio and video medium from anywhere. With easy-to-join video calls, you can meet face to face with the participant(s), anytime and anywhere.

Q4 - How much storage space does Google Drive offer?

Unlimited storage. Through the Google Apps for Education subscription provided to SNU, all employees and students have an unlimited storage capacity as long as they are affiliated with the university.

Q5 - What are the benefits of Google Apps?

  • Through calendars and email, students can stay informed about the latest assignments and activities.
  • Google Apps works on any device with a web browser -  which means students can access their email, calendars, and documents from school or at home.
  • Documents are automatically saved and stored in Google Drive.
  • Students and faculty can collaborate easily online.
  • Faculty can provide comments and feedback directly in shared students’ documents.

Q6 - Why should I use a SNU G Suite for Education account?

SNU G Suite for Education is a protected space allowing users to share content and collaborate with others inside and outside the University.  You use your SNU email credentials to access all apps that have been made available to you.

Q7 - Can I access G Suite on my mobile devices?

Yes.  There are mobile versions of G Suite apps available for Windows, iPhone and Android--tablets and phones.

Q8 - How can I configure Email on Mobile?



  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select Gmail
  5. Enter:
    1. Email: YourUserID@snu.edu.in
    2. Domain: Leave Blank
    3. User Name: YourUserID@snu.edu.in
    4. Password: Your University Password
  6. Select Next
  7. Popup says, "Cannot verify server identity"
  8. Select Continue
  9. Enter:
    1. Server Field: m.google.com
  10. Choose elements you want synced
  11. Select Save



  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Google
  4. Select Sign In
  5. Enter:
    1. Email: YourUserID@snu.edu.in
    2. Password: Your University Password
  6. Select Sign In
  7. Choose elements you want synced
  8. Select Finish
  9. Select Finish Setup



  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Email and Accounts
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select Google
  5. Enter:
    1. Email Address: YourUserID@snu.edu.in
    2. Password: Your University Password
  6. Select Sign In
  7. If cannot connect to server
  8. Enter
    1. Server: m.google.com

For any further assistance, please contact IT Helpdesk