24X7 Study Areas

Q1 - Where are the 24X7 study areas?

The 24X7 Study areas, with wired Internet connectivity are situated in:

  • Library (E-wing)
  • Hostel 1A
  • Hostel 1B
  • Hostel 2A
  • Hostel 2B
  • Hostel 3A
  • Hostel 3B

Q2 - Can I access free internet in the 24x7 Study Room?

Yes, the 24x7 study areas in Library and Hostels have Wired LAN ports which provide unlimited internet access. You will get up to 3 hours of free Internet per day. You can either have one single session of 3 hours or multiple sessions with a combined session time of 3 hours per day. 

Q3 - Do the 24X7 areas have Wi-Fi connectivity

Yes, all study areas also have Wi-Fi connectivity. In case your 3 hour wired internet session is over you can switch to Wi-Fi internet connectivity. 

Q4 - What if I am not able to connect to the wired LAN points in the study areas?

Please write to ithelpdesk@snu.edu.in