Advisor Advisee Platform

Q1 - What is Advisor-Advisee Platform?

Advisor-Advisee Platform has been customized on PeopleSoft to help advisors to assist students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plans compatible with their life goals.

Q2 - What can I do using this platform as an advisor?

This system enables advisors to access all required demographic details, full academic grade report, time table and advisement details of his/her advisee in a very convenient manner.

This information will help you to assess your advisee in a better way and to give best suggestion for him.

Q3 - How can I acces this application?

Go to and click on "SNU ERP" icon. Use your assigned SNU NetId and password to log into this system. 

After successful login navigate to Curriculum Management > Instructor /Advisor Information to access this functionality. 

If you need help with your password, call IT Help Desk and they will be able to assist you.

To reach IT Help Desk, call 105 (extn.) or e-mail:

Q4 - Whom should I contact if I need help?

You can raise a ticket in IT helpdesk or contact to DSW office for any help related to this application.

Q5 - Where can I find my advisees in ERP?

Please navigate to "Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees" to find your advisees.

Q6 - Where can I check academic status of my advisee?

Please follow steps given below to access advisee academic details:

Step 1 : Navigate to "Self Service > Advisor Center > -My Advisees"
Step 2: Click on the arrow button under the column heading 'Academic Details'  to access advisee academic details

Q7 - Cumulative GPA column shows a blank for some my advisees, why?

CGPA coulmn for an advisee can have blank for some advisee's due to following reasons:

  • Advisee might not be not enrolled in any of the courses
  • None of the enrolled courses by advisee are graded

Q8 - Some of my advisees are not available in list, why?

An advisee might not be available in the list due to following reasons:

  • The advisee is actually not assigned to you
  • The advisee is inactive

Please contact dean's office for help.

Q9 - How can I notify my advisees?

Under the column 'Notify', choose advisees and click on button 'Notify Selected Advisees' to notify selected advisees.


Click on button 'Notify All Advisees' to notify all advisees.