HPCC - Magus

Q1 - What is ‘Magus’ - HPCC?

‘Magus’ is SNU’s High Performance Computing cluster, designed to facilitate the computing needs of research projects and complex computing simulations undertaken at the University.

The key attributes of SNU HPC cluster are:

  • ~ 30 TeraFlops of Theoretical Peak Performance
  • Total of 62 Compute Nodes
  • 30 Nextscale Nodes with latest Intel Hashwell Processors
  • 8 High Frequency Nodes with 256 GB RAM.
  • 50 TB of shared GPFS.
  • Hybrid Fast Interconnect, using Infiniband QDR(40Gbps) and FDR14(56Gbps)

Q2 - How do I get an account on the HPC?

To request a new Account on Magus please visit the below link:


Q3 - How can I connect to Magus

Please refer to the Introduction and overview document. 

Q4 - How can I get more information on 'Magus' - SNU HPCC?

Please visit HPC Wiki page available on SNU Intranet:

SNU HPC Wiki page

You can also contact HPC Admin for specific compute needs or write to IT Helpdesk