MS Teams

Q1 - What is MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform part of Office 365 cloud-based subscription service. It primarily offers:
•    Web Conferencing (with Audio and Video integration) 
•    Screen & Desktop Sharing
•    Instant Messaging/Chat 
•    Peer learning -- creating Teams & Channels (Break-out rooms)
•    Integration with OneNote, Polls, Assignments, Quizes & Attachment sharing

Q2 - How can I get Microsoft Teams?

Teams can be accessed in two ways:

  1. You can download and install the Teams App (Recomended approach)
  2. Use Teams web option (in your browser). Click on Teams on web

Q3 - How do I install MS Teams? How can I setup MS Teams Meetings/Live Events ?

Please refer to the Installation Guide (which also includes instructions on how to login with your SNU NetID

The guide also contains instructions on how to setup/edit a MS Teams Meeting & Live Event 

Please write to in case of any issue.

Q4 - Can I set custom backgrounds in MS Teams video calls

Yes. You can refer to the the link for more information - Set Custome Backgrounds in MS Teams 

Q5 - What is the new meeting experience mode in MS Teams and how can I enable it ?

The new meeting experience in MS Teams has the below mentioned features:
1.    The new experience pops calls and meetings into separate windows
2.    Brings a large gallery view of up to 49 people at once. 
3.    Adds Together mode which is similar to large gallery view, but instead of having separate boxes for each person, Teams places everyone together into a virtual room.
4.    Within the new experience, meeting controls are moved to the top of the meeting screen

You can enable the same by following the simple steps shared in the User Guide

Q6 - Where can I get more information and training on MS Teams?

For additional resources please refer to the below links:

  1. Cheat Sheet and Quick Start
  2. End user training for Microsoft Teams
  3. YouTube channel - Microsoft Teams training