Impartus Lecture Capture

Q1 - What is Impartus?

Impartus is a video-based learning platform that enables educators to capture, edit, and distribute content. It provides students the deeper understanding of their topics as they review classroom content at any time, from anywhere.

Q2 - What can Impartus do for me?

Impartus lecture capture solution is designed to help...

  • Students: Learn more effectively in less time
  • Faculty: Deliver a more comprehensive learning experience, adopt modern teaching methods (like "Flipped" classrooms), and improve the quality of their instruction

By providing a single location where students can...

  • Review previous lectures at whatever pace is most effective for the individual
  • Create notes for future reference in the context of the lecture, making for a richer reference experience
  • Create playlists of lecture clips ("bookmarks") for more effective study resources
  • Engage directly with professors, even anonymously, providing a new and open channel for more comprehensive learning
  • Reference additional relevant content (documents, links and videos) provided by their professors

By providing a single location where faculty can...

  • Review, edit and publish recorded lectures to ensure their students are provided with the most effective instruction
  • Deliver additional relevant content (documents, links and videos) for a deeper learning experience
  • Engage directly with students, providing a new and open channel for more comprehensive learning
  • Audit their own instructional style and content from a new perspective, allowing for on-going self-improvement 

Q3 - How can students join the lecture?

1. In Google Chrome browser, browse the link –

2. Enter your SNU Net ID as username. 

3. Enter the Password of your Net ID (Password used to login to ERP, Blackboard) .

4. On the page please click on “Join” button .

Note : The “Join” button will be highlighted only at the time of lecture start, else it will remain greyed out .

 Please refer to the the link for more information link .

Q4 - How can Professors start the lecture ?

1.Login to .

2.Click on Start at top right to access lecture.

3.Lecture info will come up just need to click on START NOW.

Please refer to the the link for more information link

Q5 - How can professor schedule a lecture in LC Portal?

1. Login to

2.Click on your Name and go to My schedule.

3.Click on Schedule a Lecture.

4.Now Select Course and Classroom.

5.Select the Course and Classroom from drop down list and enter the Date, Time, Topic and Click on Add.

6.Lecture will be added in the calendar.

Please refer to the link for more details link

Q6 - How can Professors/Students access lecture recordings ?

1.Click on

2.Enter your Net ID as username and password

3.Click on Subject.

4.Click on Play (you can choose any lecture within the course)

Refer to the link for more information link

Q7 - How can Professors access & download the attendance of the lecture?

1.Login on portal .

2.Click on Reports .

3.Consolidated Subject Wise attendance – Professor (View reports).

4.Select the Subject -> Select date (example: from Sep1, 2020 to Sep1, 2020) -> click SUBMIT.

 Please refer to the link  for detailed information.